Talking Boxing Boots; Why your Footwear Matters

If you’re new to boxing, you might think that your hands are the most important tools that you possess when it comes to winning a fight. But, they aren’t the only things that matter when it comes to boxing. Even though our hands are super important, being the main point of contact with our opponent, they aren’t the only things that we need to focus on to become the best fighters possible.

Your power as a boxer actually lies below your waistline, with your lower body holding the key and making a huge difference to your boxing capabilities. Your footwork is massively important in boxing, and if you’re currently training in running shoes, converse, or any other form of trainers - then you might have noticed that they just aren’t doing the job. 

Today our team over at Fly are here to talk you through the importance of having the right boxing footwear, and how it can make all of the difference when it comes to your performance in the ring.

Our feet generate the power for our punches, so we need to be sure that our shoes don’t hold us back or get in the way. Boxing boots have been designed specifically for the sport by experts, to provide you with everything that you need to succeed. They have narrow soles, to keep your feet as close to the ground as possible, giving you an excellent feel and much better response when moving around. 

They also have thinner and more flexible soles, meaning that you can get up to the balls of your feet more easily and up your footwork game. They provide us with the basis that we need to truly focus on our technique, rather than distractions. 

Your movement is super important in boxing, so the right amount of traction is key so that you can move successfully and not lose speed. Other forms of shoes won’t have the right kind of traction that you need, meaning that you might end up gripping the floor too tightly or slipping when you’re moving. 

Boxing boots provide you with just the right amount of traction so that you can step into the boxing ring with confidence knowing that the rubber sole of your boots offers you the ultimate levels of traction and grip. This allows you to pivot easily and make quick decisions in the wrong, with just enough grip so you don’t slip or fall. 

Another key factor to consider when it comes to boxing is your balance, and your balance even being slightly off can completely ruin your chances of success. When you’re balanced, you are much less vulnerable to getting hit by your opponent because you’ll be capable of evading their manoeuvres and dodging your way from the punches. 

Boxing boots are super sturdy and stable, giving you the balance that you need to stay focused and controlled; and not get KO’d. Your boots will give you the control that you need in the ring, and help to improve your reactions, coordination, punches and much more. 

Since footwork is so important in boxing, it can also end up causing you a lot of stress such as sprains, strains and achy ankles. It’s common for boxers to have issues with their feet due to how rapid and intense footwork can be, meaning that it’s crucial to ensure that you support your ankles as much as you can. 

Boxing boots will provide the support you need to avoid serious injuries as much as possible and protect your feet in all planes of motion. They’ll be just the right level of snug around your feet and ankles, giving you the support and compression needed to stay safe while remaining comfortable. 

As well as being supportive, you also want to be sure that your footwear feels super lightweight so you can move as fast as possible without your footwear slowing or weighing you down. Boxers need to react and move fast, dodging punches and pivoting around your opponent and the wrong footwear can negatively contribute to your training. 

Bulky and heavy shoes can slow down your movements and contribute to your fatigue, as well as restrict movement which is why boxing boots are the ideal investment. They will be light and bouncy, allowing you to get up on your toes and move around at lightning speed to always stay ahead of your opponent. 

Level up your game with Fly Storm Boots 

If you’re looking to truly level up your boxing game and succeed, whether it’s at an amateur or professional level then our Storm Boots are here for you. We understand how vital it is to have the best boxing boots possible, which is where the Fly Storm Boots were born. 

They’re expertly designed by our team here at Fly to provide you with the traction, stability, support, and comfort that you need and help you take your footwork to the next level. We’ve taken every factor into consideration when it comes to designing our boots, to ensure that you can fight to your fullest every time you step into the ring. With their lightweight construction, comfortable feel, and advanced support, you can be sure that your feet and ankles will be comfortable and protected any time you’re throwing punches. 

They’re available in a wide array of colours, including White, Black, Black/Gold, and Blue/White/Red, so you can choose the style that suits you best. You can also find them in both adult and kids sizes, meaning that we are sure to have the right size for you.

So what are you waiting for? Enhance your boxing experience with the Fly Storm Boots.

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