This Saturday just gone (18/11/2023) Adam Azim made boxing history in Wolverhampton by seizing the title of European Super Lightweight Title from Franck Petitjean, at just 21 years old. 

Azim is the youngest boxer to have gained this title, and the 21-year old rising star hopes to emulate his idol Amir Khan by becoming world champion by the young age of 22. 

Azim challenged Frenchman Petitjean for the title, and won it by a landslide causing some serious damage to the seasoned champion. Petitjean entered the ring on Saturday with a wealth of experience to his name, however Azim dominated and won the highly anticipated title. Azim, weighing in at 139.3 pounds on fight night, took victory against the 35-year old after breaking him down through the rounds and proving to be a cut above his competition. 

Azim dropped Petitjean in the fifth round with a left hook across his stomach, dropping him to his knees and making it a struggle for him to get back to his feet to beat the count. Azim then continued to work his opponent through the rounds, and finished him off with a barrage of punches which broke him back down. His corner then had seen enough, tossing a white towel through the ropes crowning Azim champion. 

The British-born boxer first debuted in 2020 in his professional boxing career, and with less than 3 years passing has now captured the European Super Lightweight title at a ground-breaking age.

He is set to continue his unbeaten record with this just being his 10th fight as a professional, and his current record now standing at 10-0-0 with 10 wins and 7 stoppages to his name.

So what’s next for Azim? 

Enock Poulsen held the EBU prior to Petitjean, after winning it back in 2022. However Poulsen then had to vacate the belt after becoming ill, which gave Petitjean back the title.

Poulsen is now the mandatory challenger for the title, and is said to be coming to the UK to fight the current champion Azim for his old belt.

Poulsen says that beating Azim on his ‘home ground’ would mean everything, and wants to return to Britain to fight him.

What are your predictions for the future for Azim?